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Review of Ushuaia

Review of Ushuaia


On October 12, 1884, the city of Ushuaia was founded in front of the Beagle Channel, surrounded by mountains – Andes Fueguinos–, with forests and glaciers.

In the beginning, the old town was bounded by two extremes, to the east: El presidio del fin del mundo, construction started in 1901 and completed in 1923.
Towards the west, the other end of the city concluded in the Cementerio de Antiguos Pobladores, both points were communicated by the streets: Maipú that stretched along fourteen blocks in front of the Beagle Channel looking to the South and San Martín street where the daily happening of the city took place.

Until 1960, Gobernador Paz Street marked the northern limit where the city ended.
From the sanction of Law 19.640, May 16, 1972, for promotion to the national territory of Tierra del Fuego, begins a gradual and rapid development and settlement in an adverse climate.

In honor of the founding of the city, on October 12, 1984, the Monumento al Centenario was inaugurated in the west extreme, between San Martín and Gobernador Paz streets, thus constituting a promenade surrounded by green space, recreation sites and panoramic viewpoint to the city and the Beagle Channel.

From this panoramic viewpoint, between 1985 and 1986, the city continued expanding its urban fabric, and towards the northwest it incorporated new urban conglomerates, characterized by constructions inspired by Finnish typologies, with slopes in their roofs that facilitated the rapid drainage of snow accumulation.

EOn April 26, 1990, Congress enacted Law No. 23,775, thus creating the new Province of Tierra del Fuego, and by Decree 905/90 of May 10, 1990, it will maintain the limits it had as a national territory since 1957.

Our accommodation is located in the urban plot next to Ushuaia's Centennial Monument, three blocks away, crossing the roundabout that distributes the traffic, and crossing the outdoor sports square.

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